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    I’ve tried deleting completely and re-installing and I cannot get it to work right. I disabled all other plug-ins, went in and looked at the php settings on my server and everything looks fine. I cannot figure out how to fix this. I could use a little help.

    My shopping cart clears when I try to change the amount. When I click to add multiple products it doesn’t add to the total it just replaces the product with the new one.

    I found this interesting. I downloaded the 3.5 version, disabled the old one, then I removed it by deleting the directory on my server. Went in through my FTP and uploaded the new folder in the wp-content/plugins directory. The old one was completely removed. Now when I go to settings it remembers my settings from the old one and I don’t have to add anything. Where are those settings stored?


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    Hi, The PHP session on your site is not working correctly. Please contact your hosting provider and request them to fix the PHP session issue on this server and then the cart will automatically start to work.

    I contacted my hosting provider and they said everything with PHP is fine. Can you please tell me another way to fix this? It is VERY frustrating.

    How exactly do you know it is the php session? I want to be able to explain it to my hosting provider.

    Yes, how does one tell if the PHP session isn’t working correctly?



    I’m having the same problem. I have edited my php.ini file to enable sessions and verified they’re working by following the instructions here.

    If it isn’t php sessions, what else could be causing those problems? I have installed the plugin on my own server and it works just fine, so I do believe it is something about the settings on the original server. I just don’t know what.



    Well, having spent 4 hours trying to resolve this, and making good use of the Firefox addon ‘Live HTTP headers’ to compare the site where the plugin was working and the one where it wasn’t, I think I’ve resolved the problem. I can now add multiple items and I can change the quantity of items already in the cart.

    Cookies. Cookies being generated were also expiring at the same time. Changing a few settings relating to cookies in the php.ini file (I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure which one made it work) and clearing any existing cookies for the site seems to have fixed it.

    Good luck.

    molecularcode, how do I get into php.ini file to change settings? Sorry, i’m not very tech savvy.



    Getting to your php.ini file will differ with different hosting providers.

    The site I was working on was hosted by Netfirms. I logged into my control panel with them (top right on the main page) and under ‘Marketing Services’ is ‘CGI and Scripted Language Support’. Not at all intuitive! In there is ‘PHP Scripting’ and at the bottom of the page is a box where you can edit your php.ini file.

    hope that helps

    I contacted my hosting provider, they took about 2 seconds to fix it! I’ll never get the hours back that I wasted!! apprantly the session path was not updated in php.ini file, if anyone else is encoutnering this it might be worth including the url when you raise it with your hosting provider:

    As this seemed to give them everything they needed to fix it asap.

    Just contacted my hosting provider with the same issues. They fixed it by changing settings in the PHP. The part they worked on was the session save path. They had to figure out which part of PHP to look at. The session save path was the fix.



    Hi Caryll. That’s the same problem I was having. I did 2 things to fix it:

    The first was to check that php sessions was enabled on your server (you may need to contact your hosting provider to get them to do this). Other people have listed that same fix above.

    The second thing was to check your settings related to cookies in your php.ini file. Mine were expiring the same time as they were created, therefore nothing was being remembered.

    You’ll need to edit a couple of php configuration files, so if you’re not confident doing this you may want to ask someone to help you, or your hosting company.

    Good luck.

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    @caryll, The following post should help you get your PHP session to work correctly (you can show it to your hosting provider who will be able to help):

    My website
    can anyone please help i will provide you with de login details
    in privet of course !

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