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    After the last two updates, I am seeing the following issues with the Sucuri plugin:

    • Adds the Newsletter Subscription nag bar to multiple places throughout the site.
    • Breaks the Google Analytics plugin on the dashboard.
    • Breaks itself — the Sucuri Dashboard appears to be missing multiple HTML tags.

    I am using a Thrive theme (Storied), with a number of plugins. I can list them all if needed, or I can go through the process of turning them off one at a time. For now, I’ve got Sucuri turned off, and thought I would post this so you could see it.
    Let me know if you want me to do more troubleshooting.

    PS — I was going to upload screen shots, but don’t see any way to do that. I can email to you, if you want.

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  • Thank you for your patience.

    We just released version 1.8.7 which includes, among many changes, one that targets the issues that you are all experiencing in your websites. Please update and let me know how it works for you.

    The new version of the code fixes the issue with the non-dismissable newsletter invitation. The problem only happens when your server has different permissions than the ones granted to the PHP interpreter. We fixed this by detecting these permissions and hiding the message if the plugin has no access to certain resources.

    I am not aware of any incompatibility between our plugin and Google Analytics, but I hope that this version can help you with that, otherwise I can investigate more.

    The missing HTML tags were also fixed by implementing an automatic detection of the language configured in the website. We support English and Spanish, and are planning to add more, but for now the plugin will default to English to prevent the issues that you were experiencing.

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