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Multiple issues with Media Gallery (20 posts)

  1. faithx5
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I like a lot of things about the new media library, especially multiple uploads and search ability. However, now that I've started trying to actually use it, I'm becoming frustrated quickly.

    1) I have 300 or so images that I uploaded back under 2.3; the media library sees these, but has them all mashed into one gallery, and I can't find any way to manage the images to separate them into appropriate galleries. Am I right that I can't do that? I've uploaded single images since then, and they're just added into the same huge gallery as well. Will it only create new galleries if I upload multiple images at one time, and if so, is there any way to upload multiple images from different folders on my computer?

    2) When I choose the thumbnail option, it's creating a square thumbnail by cropping off the top and bottom of my images (which are landscape-shaped). This is NOT COOL. I'm not good at php, but I looked through the wp-includes/media.php file, and the only thing I can see about cropping says that crop is set to false. But it's cropping, so I'm missing something somewhere. It used to just create smaller, very nice versions in the same aspect ratio as the original, and I want it to keep doing that! My favorite thing about WP's upload option was that it created perfect thumbnails for what I needed without my having to run everything through PhotoShop first, and I'll be very disappointed if it won't still do that.

    (example here: blog. The <i>Waiting for Guffman</i> poster in the second row is the new thumbnail, uploaded just now; the others are the old thumbnails, uploaded in version 2.3.)

    Okay, I guess it was really just two issues. Anyone know how to make the media library behave? What do I need to change in the media.php file to make the thumbnails work the way they used to?

  2. twistedsymphony
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I don't have a solution for #1 but for #2 you can fix it by doing the following:
    From the dashboard goto Settings->Miscellaneous

    then uncheck the box that says "Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)"

    newly uploaded files will NOT be cropped. AFAIK it is not retroactive on anything you've already uploaded.

  3. faithx5
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Oh, thank God. I'm sorry, I don't know how I didn't see that. I swear I looked through all the settings pages before posting, but apparently I didn't.

  4. gideonstrumpet
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I am having a problem with thumbnails too. Using the new media "add an image" option, above the editing toolbar, I am attempting to insert an image into a post. However, i just want to insert the thumbnail with a link to the actual file (just as I used to be able to do in prior version).

    I click over to the image i want to insert, I click on it to open the drop-down box of options and I select "center" for alignment and "thumbnail" for size. Then I hit "insert into post".

    What I get is a left aligned, medium sized image. I went into settings -> miscellaneous and changed the thumbnail size to 50x50, but still no luck.

    Any help?

  5. twistedsymphony
    Posted 8 years ago #

    AFAIK the "alignment" option only refers to text wrapping not actual placement in the post.

    Also AFAIK images that already exist in your gallery cannot have their thumbnail size changed. if you uploaded them with a previous version of WP then they'll have a thumbnail size of 150 IIRC. The only way to "fix" that would be to re-upload them with WP 2.5 with the new settings how you want them.

  6. faithx5
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I think twistedsymphony is right regarding changing thumbnail sizes; as far as I can tell, it only applies to newly uploaded images.

    And I've had very little luck with the alignment settings. I usually want left or right alignment, with text wrapping, but I can't even seem to make that work, so I've been manually removing the "class" attribute WP adds to the image that's supposed to define the alignment and using "align='right'" or whatever instead. For centering an image without text wrapping, I usually find that putting it between <center> tags works the best.

  7. ARubinstein
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I think you possibly misunderstood gideonstrumpet... for me it looks like he may experience a similar odd behavior of WP 2.5 as keeps me from going productive with 2.5:

    Selecting an image in the dialog and inserting in a post always embeds the image in ORIGINAL size, not THUMBNAIL or medium size as selected in the form. HTML view reveals code that seems to be correct (referencing "size-thumbnail"):

    <img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-5" title="20080312-0151" src="http://<MY_WEBSITE>/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/20080312-0151.jpg" alt="" />

    This seems to me as if my longing for thumbnail size was well understood by wordpress... but the image is displayed at original size in the visual editor AND in the saved post later on.

    I already made a new, completely fresh wp 2.5 install with default theme to test this, to avoid any theme related problems.

    Anybody else here with this problem - or a solution?

  8. gideonstrumpet
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I am indeed referring to images already uploaded (using previous versions) that will not display as thumbnails when attempting to insert them into posts after upgrading to 2.5.

    ARubenstein accurately describes the problem, but if it is a "bug" in 2.5, then there's nothing I can do.

    Is it certain that images previously uploaded will not display as thumbnails in posts using 2.5? If so, that seems rather silly and without reason.

    Is there a fix for it?

  9. LewiePaine
    Posted 8 years ago #

    any image on your server can manually be inserted in a post. if the image is already a thumbnail (created by Image Manager, for example), then it's as easy as inserting...


    if you don't like that size, then...

    <img src="http://www.houseofpaine.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/07/.thumbs/.al_gore.jpg" width="196" height="179" />

    ...or whatever, it's just HTML

  10. ARubinstein
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Of course one can manually code image embedding in HTML. But this simply is not an option for non tech people, typing exact path information and setting size parameters... for that, we basically HAVE an image insert button. And it should work!

    For me, it looks like a problem with the INTERPRETATION of the inserted code later on, not a problem at the time of insertion of the image code.

    Are we really the only people experiencing this...?

  11. ARubinstein
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I should add that for me the problem is NOT with images uploaded with an earlier Version of WP, but specifically with images that where correctly uploaded with WP 2.5 (fresh installation) without any error messages, thumbnail files exisiting and all.

  12. AniG
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I have been having issues with the Media Manager in WP 2.5.

    1. I can only upload to the specified uploads dir, if I set the chmod to 777, which is a massive security risk of course.

    2. When I use the option of inserting the image in the post, it inserts the wrong URL, in this format:
    i.e. http://<myblog>/home/acctname/public_html/blog/wp-contents/uploaddir/filename.jpg

    Sure, I can correct it in HTML mode, but why is this happening in the first place at all? No issues with v 2.3 of WP installs.

    Anyone seeing the same?

    Blog is running on a linux/apache 1.3.37/php 4.4.4 system. I have checked with both FF and IE 7. Also, there is no flash preview that I see in the media gallery. When I click on show, it just shows me the file details...

    Someone help! I like wp 2.5. It would suck to go back to 2.3....

  13. robmader
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks twistedsymphony,

    You comment:
    From the dashboard goto Settings->Miscellaneous

    then uncheck the box that says "Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)"

    Removed some frustration with v2.5 and takes me one step further to going live with it.

  14. gideonstrumpet
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hmm. Even when I upload a new image and seek to have it inserted as a thumbnail, it appears rather large. I have to manually resize it in the text editor.

  15. lxne
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi ARubinstein,

    I got exactly the same problem with exactly the same class-syntax.

    And I get the following error-message while uploading a 300KB jpg-file:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6400 bytes) in /usr/export/www/hosting/.../wp-admin/includes/image.php on line 138
    Nevertheless the file is uploaded but the thumbnail was not created as it should (just checked the upload-folder on my web-space).

    OK, I did some more tests.
    On my local test-system everything works fine with the same configuration of WordPress. Therefore I tried to upload a smaller pic (100KB) to my weblog and everything worked fine too. So it's a matter of size!? And a matter of the php-settings of the provider.

    Any other solutions would be welcome!

    Greets, Alex

  16. boldizar
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Twistedsymphony wrote

    AFAIK the "alignment" option only refers to text wrapping not actual placement in the post.

    Would you be willing to share knowledge about how to control the placement in a post? I'm trying to upload multiple magazine covers in a post, each with a link to the article. Some are aligning correctly one after the other, but some are going crazy, leaving a nearly full line of empty space, etc. There's no code difference between the various images except the titles. Since I write at least an article per month, I need to insert new ones regularly.

    Here's the URL: http://www.boldizar.com/blog/?page_id=158

    Thank you in advance!!!

  17. twistedsymphony
    Posted 7 years ago #

    for my site: http://collectorsedition.org I have A LOT of pictures in my posts... typically I insert the images with no alignment option (under the gallery browser I select "none" under alignment)

    Then once it's in the post I center it with the justification options in the WYSIWYG editor.

    If I have more than one image or thumbnail per line I'll view the post in HTML mode and insert a single space between each of the images, the editor interface always screw this up which is why I do it in HTML mode... I'm usually pretty happy with the results.

    Checking through the post in HTML mode is good practice where formatting is key because it does some wonky shat sometimes..

    I don't use the descriptive image text, I upload far too many pictures to write descriptions for all of them, and it doesn't really bode well with the theme of my site.

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "leaving a nearly full line of empty space" but hopefully what I've posted about my own process will help you out.

  18. boldizar
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks, twistedsymphony! It seems you found the same workaround that I did -- if you have several images side by side, make sure they're of equal size.

    I write in both magazines and newspapers, with different page sizes, and wanted to keep to the original proportions, but that was messing the alignment -- I wanted four images per line, and if a middle image stuck out or was taller by a few pixels, it left a big blank space to the left. I "solved" the problem by making each image-with-caption identical in height.

    It's not my ideal solution, since I WOULD like to keep the images in different sizes (fiddling in html mode does help sometimes, but not others), but it's a good workaround.

  19. antistandard
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I use nextgen gallery for images because it is great ...

    But I use the inbuilt media gallery for video and sound files. the only prob is that you can't sort video and sound into galleries like you can in nextgen.

    My questions are :

    1. what do you guys do
    2. is there a good media gallery plugin similar to nextgengallery?
    3. do you know if nextgen are bringing out video sound file upload support for the gallery?

    thank you for your time


  20. ginger_snaps
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My issue is similar in nature...I'm trying to create a thumbnail archive and am noticing that while thumbnails exist in the upload directory for older posts...the Get the Image plugin can't "grab" them.

    (I also used a "wp_get_attachment_image" technique, and it failed as well.)

    Additionally useful (?) info is that of 187 posts, only 71 (the most "current") show up in the Media Library.

    I get that the older posts weren't created with the new media uploader, but that doesn't explain why I can't grab my thumbnails! Any ideas on how to work around this?

    You can check out what I'm talking about here >>

    December is the first month (working backwards...technically July 2008 is the "first month") that I start having issues, and you'll notice that the missing thumbnail at the bottom is replaced with a minuscule dot. SO! FRUSTRATING!

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