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    1) I have it set to send the user a verification email after register > this works and is received
    2) It is set to send the administrator an email after user verifies >this is not received, but an email notification is received at the same email address if I have it set to notify upon user registration
    3) It is set to send user a Custom New User message > This is not received after a user is changed to subscriber (when I would expect) or even after the user registers at all

    After seeing other users having issues with the email notifications being received, I installed “Easy WP SMTP”, but still did not receive any of the emails I am having a problem receiving.

    How can I tell if a user verifies without receiving a notification? Because I have it set to need admin verification to allow users to log in, I can’t just blindly promote all unverified users because I don’t know if they have verified their emails without the email notification working.

    Also, the user does not receive a notification that they have been confirmed, so I would have to manually send out a notification for them to know where and when they can log in.

    In addition, I am unable to save a “&” in the Custom verification message field (when I save, it changes to an “&amp” and is sent like that to the user.). For it to actually send the “&” like I want, I have to go into my mysql database and change it there. (This is for a link to work properly.

    This plugin is basically unusable for me unless there is a way to resolve these issues.


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  • I’ve figured out that some of the issues mentioned here were caused by me approving users from the normal user list, and not the “unverified” list that seems to have been added with this plugin. After I started approving users from the correct list, the “approval” emails were sent out.

    I’m still having the issue with the “&” character changing to ‘&amp”, but I suspect this is a WordPress thing. I get around it by changing that character in the database and making sure I redo this any time I save settings in the plugin (because it changes it back to “&amp” each time the plugin settings are saved).

    There is one unresolved, very minor issue that I have not found a solution for:
    1) The default “verified” message shows instead of the custom verified message after a user verifies their email address

    It would be great to have the ability to send the admin 2 different messages for when a user is registered and when they verify. Currently, the same message gets sent for both, and it could be more clear by this message which users have verified and which have only registered.

    Thanks for the plugin. Now that I have realized my mistake, it has allowed me to do what I needed to do with my registration page.

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