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  • I have wasted days cleaning up after this thing, and even now, and even with the assistance of my host’s (great) tech support, I can’t get it to function properly. I have a number of issues with this, and how it appeared in my life:

    1) It appeared on my sites automatically and unbidden, presumably with a server upgrade. Because I had implemented extra custom security on my sites, the install script broke and (worse) messed with files on the sites including, in every case, leaving a file owned by root, so that I had to get my host to fix it, account by account. In one case it also corrupted the database, and I had to restore from an earlier backup and recreate my client’s most recent blog posts. Tedious.

    2) A second iteration seems to have done something similar again, so I have had to unravel some ‘best practice’ security hacks to prevent this repeating. Attention to security is one of my USPs, so I’m not happy. I appreciate I’m doing something ‘non-standard’ – but I can’t be the only one, and scripts that run automatically should have the facility to die gracefully.

    3) Even having carefully restored a quite simple site to a more conventional configuration, I had to abandon it because the ‘exclude URLs’ function is sporadic at best. This means that I can’t reliably exclude pages with CAPTCHA functionality on, making it useless. I’ve had to disable it again.

    The principle of having caching run at server level rather than as a plugin is great, but ‘push’ implementing it and messing with people’s sites without warning is not OK, and has taken a lot of unravelling. You simply can’t asume that everybody’s running standard unaltered installs, and throw scripts at them on that basis. And CAPTCHAs are not exactly unusual or rocket science. The plugin also clearly does not have the level of control it appears to, since neither ‘excluding’ pages, nor even selecting ‘Disable LiteSpeed Cache’ fixed the problem (obviously I ‘purged’ in every case, which made no difference at all). I had to edit the .htaccess and wp-config.php before I could get the page to refresh properly.

    So… nice idea but, for me anyway, doesn’t work, and has cost me hundreds of pounds worth of time, a lot of aggravation, and delayed other projects. As far as I can remember, this is the first time I have ever posted a seriously negative review. /rant

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  • Plugin Author LiteSpeed Technologies


    Hi wwwolf,

    We’re sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience using our cache plugin.

    We do strive to make this plugin as ‘plug and play’ as possible, so we apologize for the time you had to spend fixing it.
    If you are still willing to work with us, which plugins did you encounter issues with?

    As for the automatic installation, we do not automatically install this plugin ourselves. We do have a plugin in WHM/cPanel that is intended to make it easier for hosts to mass install this plugin, so that may be what you are referring to.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience we caused. If you are still interested at all in using our plugin, please email me at kfwu at litespeedtech dot com and I will personally assist you in resolving any/all issues that you encounter.


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