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  • I have been using this plugin (free version) for many years, and loved it – powerful, flexible, and just worked. Sometimes had to read documentation carefully and experiment a bit, but the docs are there to support complex and effective shortcodes in-post and make those complement sidebar widget nicely with cunning tag logic.

    Now, in v4 I’m a bit lost.
    1) There’s the “licence activation” reminder others have posted about.

    2) Getting changes to show in front end (aggressive cache issue?):
    I added new testimonials and couldn’t get them to show up at all (on a page with a shortcode to insert multiple testimonials). Cleared caches, edited the page etc etc, nothing worked. Looked at the page next morning, they’d magically appeared – but with ratings, which I didn’t want…

    3) Ratings:
    The shortcode setting show_ratings=false failed to remove them… but was it failing, or was the change failing to update the front end? Again, emptied every cache I could find… no luck. Gave up and hid them with custom css.

    4) Interaction with other caching:
    As observed elsewhere, this version seems to break caching altogether – in this case with LiteSpeed Cache. I tried switching off the plugin’s cache, but even so, with the plugin active, reloading a page from the server with <shift><reload> (on another browser, so not logged in) reloads the cache, on pages with testimonials on them – pages that I’ve been nowhere near in the back end. Though not always, it appears, which is even harder to troubleshoot. Maybe something to do with the cookie setting referred to in another thread?

    Though not an SEO pro by a very long way, I’ve successfully put a lot of work into optimising this site, and others, of which LiteSpeed Cache is a key component. Can anyone explain to me how to get this plugin to play nicely with LSCache, otherwise I’ll reluctantly have to replace it on this and other sites (though I’m not sure what with, as research suggests that Strong Testimonials appears to have some caching issues too [sigh…])

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  • Update – Ratings:
    I found the ‘hide ratings’ checkbox in the settings. Still puzzled that the shortcode option didn’t work, but have at least got rid of them 🙂



    The non-answer does not bode well… I really like this plugin and hope it gets untangled.

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