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  • I have the Facebook plugin (latest 1.3 version) installed, and have several issues I can’t figure out. I only have the Like + Send button and Comments box enabled, and don’t have any other FB plugins installed. I also have the regular WP comments disabled.

    1. When a user posts the first comment in each comment, it doesn’t update the UI with the new comment. In fact, it doesn’t do anything – so the user thinks their comment isn’t posting. They need to refresh the page manually to see their comment. After the first comment is posted, future comments are added dynamically.

    2. The number next to the Like/Send box (i.e. 2 people like this.) seems to indicate the number of Likes + the Number of comments. Shouldn’t this just show the number of Likes?

    3. Is there any way to be notified of new comments? Searching the forum, it seems like the answer is no, but why can other FB plugins do this, and the Official plugin can’t? Or is there at least a way to see them in my FB Developers App console? I would think they would show up in Apps > [my app name] > Insights > Likes and Comments or the App Timeline View, but none of my test comments/likes show up, even though I entered in “App ID” and “App Secret” correctly. In fact, the only stats I get are basic ones about User numbers. I can’t imagine having to go through hundreds of stories on my site, to see if there are any new comments somewhere.

    4. EDIT – It also seems like the number of Comments made in the FB comments box don’t seem to be reporting to WP anymore, when that used to work fine, before.

    Thanks for any help.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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