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  • I purchased the Bulk Import extension and ever since have had multiple issues.

    I imported 20-30 images in the “Cityscape” category, which on the front end it looks correct, but in the backend, there are “0” images in the Cityscape category, even though it is ticked in the product page. Therefore the Cityscape category does not show in the sidebar.

    On the Products page, only 5 products show!

    I want to show 9, how do I change this??

    Seems like a very simple thing but I cannot find the setting anywhere.

    Also on the edit product page, the short description box is missing, the top screen options tab does not work, actually none of the Expand buttons, links tags etc work on the page.

    All I did was upload a csv file, what could have broken the dashboard?

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  • There’s a callback function that updates the count, and apparently, the import simply isn’t triggering that function. You could add one more item to the category (an then remove it) to get the function to fire.

    There are a lot of things that could prevent an item from displaying on the front end – make sure that all the items visibility is set to Catalog/search or catalog and that the stock status is set to “instock” and of course, that they are published.

    Importing data shouldn’t cause anything in your dashboard to break – usually this is caused by javascript being loaded in the admin panel by another plugin that conflicts with the javascript that runs the box expanding.

    Try disabling all plugins other than woocommerce, and then enable one at a time. You could just disable all plugins that are specifically for the backend, but some plugins that are for the frontend improperly load js in the backend where it isn’t needed.

    Hope that helps.

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