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  • Hi,
    I have a website that needs a mobile version and for various reasons right now changing over to a responsive design isn’t an option. The website is built on WordPress currently. One idea we had was to have parallel sites for devices: and for example.

    Is it possible to have two instances of WP like this? For example we install WordPress on the sub domain but have it run from the same database setup. Then to avoid having the possibility of two admin sections editing the same database we would just redirect the entire admin directory from the sub domain to the main domain.

    Is this possible? I’m guessing it’s not advisable even if it is. What are any other considerations if we plan to move forward with doing this?


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  • Hi

    You can have multiple installs of wordpress on the same domain by using sub domains. However this is not what you are asking.

    You want to know if you can share the database of one WP installation with another. This is not possible, nor is it necessary. If you wish to have a mobile site then all you need to do is develop a separate theme for the mobile version and using a theme switcher plugin like this one ( to detect if the user is using a mobile device and if so display the appropriate theme.

    I hope that helps,
    Alex Black – [signature moderated]

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