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    I am getting the following error:

    We’ve detected duplicate video titles.
    We’ve detected duplicate video titles in your sitemap or feed. Duplicate titles make it difficult for users to discern the content of the video. Make the titles more specific so they better reflect the content of the video.
    Value: Contractor Marketing Online: Getting Started is Easy!
    Problem detected on: Aug 4, 2011

    Seems the plugin is creating multiple instances of the same post, but I can’t go in and delete. How can this be done?


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  • Same problem here, problem was detected 4 days ago. I show multiple videos on 1 page, because of that, it ‘duplicates’ the post url in the sitemap. Any solution to solve this problem for the plugin or should i limit the video’s to 1 per post?

    I’m wondering how this plugin pickups the title of the video. If its just from the Post title and you have multiple videos on a page then there is no way around this error without manually editing the generated sitemap.

    Amit, is there anyway we can let you plugin know about different titles for the videos that are on the same page?

    Same problem. It says that 2 of my videos are each duplicate content. In other words video A is duplicated and Video B is duplicated. When I submit this XML Video sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, I get a big RED X which I guess means that it wasn’t submitted properly.

    The videos are NOT duplicated (not in the trash, not anywhere). I have no idea what causes this problem or how to fix it.

    Videos are an integral part of my site so it’s distressing that I cannot get a proper XML Video Sitemap Generated!

    Thanks for any help that anyone can provide!

    Since other people have been waiting a month with no answer, I guess it’s time to look for and then promote another Video XML SiteMap Generator Plugin on my Tech Blog!

    I just found this maybe it will help

    It seems she was getting duplicate titles.

    rodsherwin: it gets the title from the post title.

    I also noticed I can not link to more then one video on youtube in one post. It gives the same error.

    I had no other choise but to split up every video in a separate post. For my site (+/- 15 videos) this was not such hard work, but I can imagine for larger sites this is not an option 🙂

    Nobody found an alternative yet?



    any news on this or a workaround ?



    Anyone concerned on duplicate video titles :
    Go to link posted by evo123:
    Video Sitemaps Best Practices with Google.

    You may find out why duplicate titles occur and why it has no sense to wait for the programmer to ‘fix the plugin error’ when more than one video is included in one post.
    Here is what Google says about it :
    6Q: If a post or page has more than 1 video on it, will all of the videos on that page be indexed?
    6A: No. All your video’s need to reside on an individual (unique) URL. It is better to put 1 video per page/url/post for the best indexing results.
    Hope this make sense and helps

    I’m having the same problem and I only include one video per post. If multiple people are experiencing this problem, then it’s a bug that needs to be addressed. I just checked google webmaster tools and it’s detecting the error which is not good for serp.

    If that is a case than something is wrong with the plugin indeed.
    I wrote my post regarding those posts that mentioned to have more than one video per page.
    Sadly, the author of the free plugin seems to disappear, no comments or answers for months so far.
    The big additional side down is lack of automation when the new post is made, so I am not using this free plugin anymore.
    Instead I use 2 premium plugins
    Google Video Sitemap by Mark Dulisse (bought it 2 years ago, it works only with self-hosted videos)
    and SEO Video Sitemap by Bryan McConnahea $ Alex Goad, works for self hosted and embedded videos as well(from Youtube etc.) .
    Both of the plugins were recently offered on Warrior Forum Special Offers at pretty affordable price tags, don’t know if they are closed or not right now.
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and purchased the SEO Video Sitemap by Bryan McConnahea plugin. If the creator of this free plugin is no longer providing support, I need to find a different one. Bugs pop up all the time and the last thing we need is an plugin that is no longer supported. I hope you have a good, thanks again for the above info.

    You’re welcome, that’s why we are here, to help each other 🙂
    I am sure you will be happy with your purchase (as I am ).
    Cheers !

    Plugin Author Amit Agarwal


    Please check the latest version of the plugin.

    It has a simple fox for the ‘duplicate video’ problem based on a suggestion by @blogsdna.


    Regardless the fact I’ve already bought the other plugin, I’m glad that you did fix the issues.
    It’s a pity for sure that you didn’t show up here at least a few days ago announcing upcoming updates, but anyway… Nice from you that you did the updates, it will benefit 1000’s and 1000’s of users.
    I am going to check it too, although there is still a missing feature of auto-updating the sitemap with new post(s).
    However, once again many thanks for the updates 🙂

    Plugin Author Amit Agarwal


    I can add an option of auto-updating but the only concern is that it could slow down the posting process for sites that have too many videos.

    thanks for the input.
    Maybe you could add it as an optional feature so everyone could decide to use it or not based on their own preferences, blog type, number of videos etc.

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