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  • So here is a fun one.
    I have multiple instances of WordPress running on a GoDaddy account and doing any amount of administration causes the connection to time out. It is happening on ALL instances.

    • GoDaddy spent two hours with me testing their servers…no issues.
    • Front end has no issues.
    • I can get to every page.
    • Trace route shows no higher time than 73ms
    • Renamed plug-in folders to disable
    • This is happening on 4 different machines on 3 different networks…one that is a direct trunk using fibre
    • I had a friend in New Mexico (I am in Ohio) log in and she had no issues administering any site
    • I logged in using the hotspot on my cell phone…no issues

    So then the question becomes, is there a special port that the Admin operations run over that could be getting mucked up in the nodes along the way, and if so, how can I get this addressed? Just looking for ideas!

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