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    Yesterday, I asked about how to install multiple blogs to the same mySQL database. The reply I as given was:

    “In your wp-config.php file set up the DB_HOST to point to your database URL. Next, set up the DB_NAME to the one database you have, and just modify the $table_prefix for each blog.

    So just use “wp1_”, “wp2_” and so on to differentiate the blogs.”

    I tried to do this and got the following error when I got to the second step:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: populate_options() in /home/…/…./…./install.php on line 142”

    The only thing I changed in wp-config.php was the $table_prefix, as described above. Everything else is the same.

    What is the problem here? Do I need to define a new database user for the same database?


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  • So you have two separate wordpress installations for instance in: and all the wordpress files

    and and all the wordpress files

    They are actually on two separate domains, as you say, but managed under one cPanel account, i.e. “add-on” domains. So yes, it’s what you say.

    Hence, I merely took the wp-config details from the existing and working blog under the first domain in that account, put them in the new install, and modified the “wp_” to “wp1_” in $table_prefix. The latter is the only thing I altered since both installations reference the same database in the same way under the same user account.

    But the error described results.


    So the first installation worked okay?

    Maybe not all the wordpress files got uploaded to the 2nd domain. Maybe delete and reupload those files.

    Correction: it’s not exactly as you stated. Rather, it’s:

    I guess my explanation above made that clear though.


    Okay, I can try that now. And yes, the first one has been running for several weeks now.


    That worked fine. Thank you. Perverse things, computers! I could have spent hours on this, just because the upload did not happen properly.

    Thanks again.


    Thanks for the feedback. Please consider marking this thread resolved.

    Good luck.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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