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  • I have WP 1.52 installed for one site (Site A) and am attempting to have wp 2.0 (Site B) installed for a different site on the same server but different directory.

    When I access the admin page it shows that it is for the Site B. But even though the setup has finished successfully when I go to Site B it redirects to Site A.

    There are no redirectors, no linking, nothing from a server configuration that I can see actually points to Site A. Any help?

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  • As a further note I can login by going to Site A/wp-login.php and edit everything but it still won’t see the page.

    Did you use a different database or a different table prefix?

    Yes. I prefaced the new tables with siteb_

    Ok, I think I see the reason for the problem is that the SITE A is the root. SITE B is actually a directory within the directory structure of SITE A but is being pointed to from within the domain tools of the account.

    I tried modifying the wp-blog-header.php file and the index.php to reflect the actual physical location of the files but this didn’t do anything.

    I set the blog uri and wordpress uri to both the domain site and to other settings but nothing seems to work.

    Ok I figured it out. Essentially a case of RTFM. Although I gained a lot experience from it.

    I am having the same problem, but seem to be unable to find out how to solve it. Blog A (WP 2.0) is installed in root/A and blog B is installed in root/B on the same server. I am using two separate SQL databases, one for A and one for B. Whenever I try to log into the admin panel for blog B (root/B/wp-admin) I get redirected to root/A/wp-admin. Note that this didn’t happen until about 24 hours after the installation of blog B. Any thoughts?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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