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  • I have searched everywhere on adding other thumbnails to each product description page under the feature image. I’m stumped, I have tried all of the things suggested in the other help areas for woocommerce and none of them are very clear definite instructions or do they work. I just want to be able to have extra views of the product available to look at when viewing that particular product. Please give specific step by step instructions on completing this task! Thank you!
    Here is an example taken from the theme I’m using of what I’m trying to accomplish.

    Simplicity – eCommerce WordPress Theme, Responsive & Retina ready

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  • Hi There, I’m an absolute newbie to WordPress and Woo Commerce and am having a very similar problem. I have a solution which may work for you but still causes a problem for me!

    Create a new product, give it a title and publish it.

    Click the add media button above the product description and upload the images you want to have as the thumbnails under your feature pic. Select the images when they’re uploaded and select ‘create gallery’.

    Don’t click the insert into post button! Just close the add media window by clicking the cross at the top right of the window.

    This takes you back to the product page, click the update button then view product. The pics should be there. Then set your feature or main image as normal.

    Hope this works for you!

    This is all fine and groovy if you have different pictures to go underneath the main product pics. But what if you’re using the same pictures below different main pics (ie a ‘hand printed’ logo or a closeup which is common to all your product range)?

    If I followed my own suggestion, I’d end up with loads of duplicates of these common images in my media library.

    Does anyone know how to create the secondary product images using images from your existing media library!?!

    Just as an addition to that, when you upload the images, down at the bottom is ‘edit’ click on this two reorder the images in the order you want them to appear, then click ‘return to library’. then create the gallery.


    I am having the same problem, very frustrating. Thank you for the suggestion ChuckSnow, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. It seems like maybe woocommerce has an issue that came up when WordPress went to 3.5 maybe? Hopefully we will have an answer or solution for this soon!

    I have the same problem too, I can’t get it too work at all and I have tried the above suggestion – WordPress 3.5.1

    Well, I still haven’t found out if you can reuse images from the media library to achieve this. The method I described seems to assign the particular image to the particular product, hence the need for re-uploading each time. I’m pretty sure tweaking the code somewhere could sort this but I’m no techie 🙂

    For the record, here’s what I’m using

    WordPress 3.5.1
    Woo Commerce 1.6.6
    Organic Themes Photographer 1.4.3

    I guess some themes may not work too well with Woo Commerce.

    In case this is of any use to anyone out there, I’ve recorded my screen to show the process. Hope you can understand the accent…

    You can also “attach” them to a product from the media page. I looks like:


    Click the attach link and add it to a product.

    The fact that there is no section in woocommerce for handling thumbnails is definitely an issue I hope they fix.

    It used to be the only way to unattach the images was to delete them but there is a small plugin called unattach that will do it without deletion.

    In regard to these issues, two things I noticed:

    First, when you create attributes that will be used for variations, &/or whe all possible variations combinations are created…let’s use Colors as an example…you will find that WC will create all of the various color potentials AND another one…ALL COLORS. If you leave that one, then clicking the color choices will not change the main image and the prices (regular and sales) will be what you set for All Colors, or the minimums from all the choices if you left All Colors price info blank.

    Deleting All Colors, or the equivalent for some other attribute, from the product setup page’s variations choices, will cause the images, price info, etc, to swamp on the product page when a different option is picked in the dropdown. Just what we want.

    Second thing I noticed is that I can only cause the thumbnail gallery to be created when I first upload images…not from the media gallery. Something is strange. WC really needs to add a button to the gallery creation page to either add or delete the thumbnails, just as it allow images or the whole large gallery to be added to the post (in Product Details).

    That choice should be given…to display all of the thumbnails, or only show the variations by selecting from the variations dropdown.

    This was also a problem for me. I have version 3.5.1 but I cracked the code to this frustrating problem in five easy steps.

    Step 1. Select the picture that you want to have multiple pic’s views.
    Step 2. Click edit, and then scroll down to Product Gallery, below the title is a link “add product gallery image”. click that link.
    Step 3. From the add product gallery image screen click upload files, and then select your pic or pic’s click open. (The pic’s are now loaded to the product gallery.)
    Step 4.Click the add to gallery button.
    Step 5. Scroll up and click update. That’s it, now click view product and all of your pic’s are visible.

    Also an easy fix if you have included the wrong pic or more than you wanted. You can easily delete that pic from the add product gallery image section. Click on the pic you want to remove, an X will appear to delete, click and the pic will be removed.

    Hope this helps, Thanks


    I would like to try your method, but I’m a little confused as to what screen your are starting from. Media, Products, Settings, etc. When I pulled up an image in media, i scrolled down and did not find Product Gallery, or add product gallery image. What kind of computer are you using? What version of woocommerce?

    The Product Gallery is on the Edit Product page right above where you insert your featured image. It should be on the right side of the page. Took me awhile to find it and it was right in front of me -_-

    Thanks Mandee86! That link to the product gallery image must have been added with a recent update because my site had it available, but my Mother’s site did not and it had not been updated yet. I am so glad Woocommerce made fixing that a priority!!

    Thanks again for the help!

    Hello, I am using WP 3.6.1 (and I am a beginner) and I have managed to add a second colour picture in my gallery under the feature image. I have a shoe available in red or black. The red shoe is the feature image. But when I chose the colour black from the option drop off, it doesn’t switch to black. It only does, if I also select the size. How do I do to have the right image just by selecting the colour option without the size option? Is it also normal to have a small red shoe thumbnail image under the feature image which is already showing the red shoe?

    Can anyone help?





    I am having another problem with the woocommerce product main images.

    Assuming the product has 5 images, I would like to display all those 5 images in both thumbs and big image version – now the thumb are all being displayed by default but how can I bring all the big images within a


      What I need is

      «ul class=’main-images’»

      «li» «img src=”bigimage1.jpg” /»«/li»
      «li»«img src=”bigimage2.jpg” /»«/li»
      «ul class=”thumbs”»

      «li» already displayed «img src=”thumb1.jpg”/»«/li»

      I hope somebody can help me.

      Many thanks,

    When I am editing a product, I have removed all images and there is nothing in either the top description window nor the lower detailed description field. When I preview the page, there is a slideshow gallery happening. How do I remove this completely? I don’t want a slideshow on each product page at all. What baffles me more is that I don’t have images associated with the page, yet they still appear.


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