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  • Hi,

    Is there a reason why the multiple image uploader doesn’t work on Safari or FireFox on Mac?


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  • It works fine for me on RC2, what exactly is failing for you?

    The image upload dialog pops up fine, but I can only select a single file to upload, whereas in FF or IE on windows I can select multiple files to upload at the same time. Is there an option I need to set up somewhere?

    Just as a note onto this:

    I did a little investigation, and changing the User Agent in the Safari Develop menu can activate the flash uploader. It seems that if it detects a mac based browser the flash muliple file uploader won’t be inserted and it falls back to the original single file version.

    Here’s a list of user agents that do/don’t render the flash uploader:

    Safari 3.1 Mac – Single
    Safari 3.1 Win – Flash
    Safari 2.0.4 (Mac) – Single
    Safari 1.* (Mac) – Single
    IE 7 (Win) – Flash
    IE 6 (Win) – Flash
    Firefox Mac – Single
    Firefox Win – Flash
    Firefox Mac – Single
    Firefox Win – Flash
    Opera 9.25 Mac – Single
    Opera 9.25 Win – Flash

    If you leave the user agent set to automatic it defaults to Safari 3.1 Mac (as that’s what the browser is) and as such the flash uploader isn’t there.

    BTW I have the latest Flash Player installed (, and (now) have WordPress 2.5 GM installed on my site.

    I was having no problems uploading on the mac at work (Firefox 3.5beta), but couldn’t get the uploader to work at all at home on the pc (again Firefox 3.5beta). To be honest, i didn’t even realise there was a multi image uploader until i started looking for why it wasn’t working on the pc! I’ve ended up downloading the ‘No Flash Upload’ plugin ( and disabled it totally, so at least i can upload from home again…

    Looks like this issue has now been picked up as a bug: I’ve put a quick-fix hack guide on my blog at which gets the flash uploader working until it gets officially fixed.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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