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  • I need to use sections with different content to different pages of my website. For example I need to create a service section for a page and a second service section with different content for a second page of the same website. Each section must appear only to the respective page and not to all pages with home page template. Now all service sections appear to all pages with home template. Do i need to use multisites network or there is another easier way to do this?

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  • Hello MartinBa,

    Can you tell us which theme are you using?

    By the way, you can use page builder plugins to create the unlimited sections on different pages.

    Hope it will solve your problem.

    I am using enlighten theme

    In order to create a section for my home page, eg a service section, i need to create a category, then create a post checking service section in post’s category, and the theme automatically shows the service section in my home page. My problem is that i have 2 products in this page, so I need, as I see it, to create 2 home pages, and be able to control which sections appear in each home page, because obviously one product will have different description in its service and any other section than the other. If i set home page template in both home pages the same section appears to both, and I was wondering if there is a way to hide some sections from each home page, in order to be able to control which section appears in each home page. Not sure if this is possible. I found and used some plugins like blog-in-blog, WP hide post, etc but nothing seems to work. Thanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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