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  1. summashankar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi, I am trying to populate few addresses from my database to display map on multiple posts of a wordpress installation. I am using the single-post.php as template to modify it so it populates the addresses from the database. I have used the following to do that:


    $map = new GoogleMapAPI('map');
    // setup database for geocode caching
    // enter YOUR Google Map Key

    // create some map markers
    $map->addMarkerByAddress('621 N 48th St # 6 Lincoln NE 68502','PJ Pizza','<b>PJ Pizza</b>');
    $map->addMarkerByAddress('826 P St Lincoln NE 68502','Old Chicago','<b>Old Chicago</b>');
    $map->addMarkerByAddress('3457 Holdrege St Lincoln NE 68502',"Valentino's","<b>Valentino's</b>");

    I am lost as to how I could have the street view displayed for each address value I parse in to the above script.

    Any pointers would help here. Appreciate it.

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