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Multiple files to one attachment

  • Is there any way this plugin can be used to have multiple files associated with one ‘attachment’. What I mean is, apart from the meta textual information such as Title and Caption, is there a way to associate another attachment file to the primary attachment.

    For example, the main attachment might be a PDF file, but I might want to associate with it a thumbnail image of its front page or a preview of it.

    I am looking for something to help me associate attachments together.


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  • I’m looking for EXACTLY the same, if the author can help me a little bit I can probably add this functionality and give it back. Or maybe buying in support?

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    Hi guys, Attachments isn’t able to accomplish that and likely won’t in the future. I might suggest checking out something like Custom Field Suite which will let you nest what it calls field groups, which would definitely accomplish this.

    Thanks Jonathan,

    Too bad, CFS seems a good solution, but I like the clean code of Attachments. Definitely going to use it on other projects!

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    I guess thinking about it there could technically be a new field type for files with Attachments… I might give it a whirl at some point but I can’t commit to it being a reality at this point. Sorry to disappoint!

    Yes, i looked into your code, but i’m inexperienced with the wordpress media library. But maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. Your field types are easy to extend.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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