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  • I hate to bump this, but I’ve got to bump this.

    I’ve got a lot of documents I need to upload and share to a WP website using WP-Filebase Download Manager and need to know the best way to categorize them in batches. I am not able to upload multiple files to a single category. I desperately need to do this so I don’t have to upload potentially thousands of files one at a time.

    I will gladly lend scott5minutes a hand with that bump. I need information on the exact same issue.

    Fasted work around right now:

    Create all your Categories then when you begin uploads for a specific category update the WP-Filebase settings under Form Presets to default to the category you are uploading to.

    Downside… You have to update the setting for each category, but that much better than on a per file basis.

    Still interested in hearing from the publisher on this issue, though.

    NOPE! It still only applied the Category to the first file. Drat!

    Sounds like a bug to me…

    Plugin Author Fabian



    just upload the files using FTP to the category folder, then run Sync, and uploaded files are imported.

    That’s great for our administrator, but our editors are not allowed to use FTP. I guess I need to include a feature request for the ability to add multiple files to a category in a future version of the plug-in.

    Not even! I never pass out FTP credentials to my hosts. Why on earth can’t the WordPress Administrator upload multiple files to a category from the dashboard? That seems like a huge oversight.

    I agree, especially for a product that has a “pro” version for sale, the inability to make global changes to multiple files seems like a pretty big oversight.

    Fabifott: could I officially make this ability a request for a future version of the plug-in?

    I second that request. Pro version or not I am not sure how this ability could have been overlooked it is intrinsic to the type of tasks that the plug-in performs.

    i also need the same function to upload multiple files at a time.

    I checked his blog and he said the following things are in development:

    *File Tags: Like tags of WordPress Articles, files can have multiple tags. In you can only set tags and display them with the template variable %file_tags%. Listing all files with the same tags and tag links are not implemented yet.
    *Bulk Actions, I know they are greatly missed 😉

    Hopefully, the ability to bulk-add files to a category will be happening soon.

    Plugin Author Fabian


    I’m working on a batch uploader that allows you to set file properties once so they will be applied for every uploaded file.
    Also bulk actions, like scott5minutes said, are WIP.
    Please be patience, I’m currently very busy with exams.

    Thanks, fabifott! I look forward to the improvements!

    Any update on this, fabifott?

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