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  • I am building a plugin, and it’s going to be the first plugin I publish on

    Basically, the plugin I am creating has multiple improvements that it adds to the user interface of WordPress. The features are inspired by some commercial CMS systems I’ve been working with over the years.

    I feel that I should put each of the features into separate modules, but that gives me a couple of problems:

    1. The plugins share some code, but WordPress lacks dependency management – meaning I would distribute the shared code with all of my plugins, and probably manage the consequences of having multiple versions of the code.

    2. I expect many users to want to have several of the features, meaning they would have to install several plugins – which in turn might slow WordPress.

    Is it okay to add multiple features to a single plugin – features that all relate to the user interface, but do completely unrelated things?

    Obviously, the plugin name will not be very descriptive of the functionality of the plugin, which causes marketing problems as well.

    Example of features my plugin has:

    – Adds a context menu to the site preview for editing comments, widgets, posts and stuff.
    – Modifies the file upload system, so that it allows arbitrary file sizes to be uploaded without modifying php.ini/.htaccess.
    – Hotkey on the public site that brings up the login page.

    I have several more features planned, but I want to test the community response now.

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    How do I delete this post? I was hoping for quick feedback, but being impatient – I’ll go ahead and publish the plugin as is.

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