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    Humm it seems like you’re using lists in quite a complicated way. Are you using a content builder or some such? Do you have a link to the problematic post?

    All the best



    Hey, thank you for the quick reply.

    Basically, I’m using NO builder…it’s all clean HTML (text)

    Here is an example post:

    Would love to understand why is this happening.

    Thank you

    Any reply on this?

    Why is Facebook reading all these errors?

    Plugin Author OzTheGreat



    Sorry for the delayed reply. Ok so I’ve had a look and the problem is our parser is having issues with some of your list elements as they’re invalid HTML. This post for example: if you view the source (view-source: you’ll see that the list element looks like this:

    <h4><em>Pattern: Easily irritated when tired</em></h4>
    <p><strong><u>Solution:</u></strong> I try to avoid being around others when I’m tired to prevent an unwanted spark of argument and usually prefer to stay alone.</p>
    <h4><em>Pattern: Frustrated with others when I have to unexpectedly follow their schedule or something happens and messes up my schedule.</em></h4>
    </li>... etc etc

    The issue is that ul tags should only have li or ol tags as direct children, where as in the example above you have p tags on the same level as the li ones. Those p tags should really be enclosed in li tags as well (which is why the parser is failing).

    If you can fix that formatting of those list items the articles should then parse correctly.

    All the best

    Thank you for your reply…

    However, the issue is with ALL my posts in FB instant articles…not with that one only.

    So the problem comes from another part…not all my articles have the specific type of bullet point lists.

    And in my message, I pointed to a different link as an example.

    Can you take a look again if there is an error between the plugin and the conversion code to Instant Articles?

    Thank you

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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