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  • ok i have blog which i decided to start a podcast on .. i created a post and installed plugin PODPRESS it added my podcast to the post.

    I then took the feed from the site and gave it to feedburner they gave me this back

    when i put that in it says its a valid feed but it shows error. it shows MULTIPLE ENCLOSURES

    it says ” 0: item contains more than one enclosure (2 occurrences) “

    So It seems somehow, wordpress has added another enclosure tag in there without me wanting it to…. so i thought ah ill go delete the post and start again.. before i started again I went back to feedvalidator hoping it would now show my feed without that post in and its enclosures.. did it.. NO!!!….. they are still there.. HOW CAN THAT BE..??? this is so messed up..

    it seems this has been spoke about before and still nothing has been done

    even with the it still doesnt fix the issue

    ISSUE IS: i should be able to delete the post and NOT HAVE IT SHOWING UP in my FEED still!.. it shouldnt exist..

    PLEASE how do get rid of it? and why is it creating multiple enclosures????

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