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  • I’ve seen some perplexing email alerts behavior recently. I “think” this is related to a similar issue, where duplicate emails are sent when a bbPress topic is edited w/in a BuddyPress Group.

    My specific issue is: IF bbPress Toolbox (handle attachments to topics) is active & a new topic (bbPress) is submitted w/in a BuddyPress group, THEN any user whose GES settings for the group=”New Topics” will get a duplicate email (with 10-20 seconds).

    The anomaly, is IF bbPress Toolbox is active & a new topic is submitted w/out including an attachment, then only a single email notification is sent to any user whose GES settings=NewTopics.

    So, the double email notification trigger via GES seems to happen IF an attachment is included in a bbPress Topic.

    I’m 100% I remember a similar issue as well w/ new topics years ago, but this latest duplication of email notifications seems specific whether attachments are included in a bbPress topic (or not).

    Any insights/suggestions/etc? _Jeff

    p.s. I did (already) 100% resolve the duplication of email alerts when a bbPress topic is EDITED (which is covered in another topic-thread here in GES support via @r-a-y >

    BP 2.8.2
    bbPress 2.5.12
    BP GES 3.7.1

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  • Update (20170510):

    As a test, I reverted back to a VERY old version of GD bbPress Toolbox (4.0.2), & when that version is used, then only x1 email (no duplicates) are sent out, regardless of whether a new topic has an attachment or not.

    My deeper sense, is this is a deep (newer…) bug within either BuddyPress &/or bbPress around how attachments are triggered w/in the activity stream, BUT I wanted to start here in case you had any other suggestions,, particularly as the duplicate email for new topics issue goes away if I use GD bbPress Toolbox 4.0.2. This project has LOTS of users, so the duplication of emails is a substantial problem on new topics. For now, I’ve reverted back to bbPress Toolbox 4.0.2, though that is not a stable, long-term sol’n.

    My intuition tell me that this is (once again) a deeper bbPress problem/bug, but I’m (currently) at a loss around how to proceed?

    Deeply technical (&/or simple) suggestions/insights VERY welcome!

    Vancouver, Canada

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