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    I need this wp method of Multiple domains with multisite but i some how hit the wall somewhere, i have work on it spleeplessly by downloading:
    this plugin:

    followed this steps and many others:

    I was able to work to the extend that I can clink on the subdomain and was redirect to the second primary domain which is part of what i want, the missing thing is that apart from the network dashboard i can’t find where to add theme or plugins for the domains individually and the once added in the network dashboard is not reflecting in other domains. I don’t know if this is the end of the road or it is still possible to set the wordpress-mu-domain-mapping to have it run like or almost like ManageWP plugin? Please help.

    My domain host is, and some from free domain host (subdomain) but installed with wp.

    i have equally read Ipstenu’s help from: which I would have continue from there only that its closed and Andrea_r and otto’s which was helpful too.


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    Themes and plugins are installed via the network admin (

    Themes can be activated for all sites, or you can turn them of per-site by going to the site edit menu (network admin > sites > edit site > themes) – if a theme isn’t active for a site, it won’t show up.

    Plugins, on the other hand, default to all being active or not. Now you can network activate a plugin, which makes it on for all sites, or allow each site to activate. Network activated plugins do not show up in the per-site plugin list.

    Thank you 4 your reply ipstenu

    I have followed your instructions and i was able to activate and deactivate theme or plugin for each domain but changes i made on mysubdomain does not changed on the target domain even due the subdomain can link to the target domain without problem.

    For example, after changing or activating the theme on the subdomain the target domain/site doesn’t change also for the plugin and the 1st, 2nd and sub/ domain are all in one host with same ip. Also, the target domain is installed with WP and with theme responsive but in the network (subdomain) i changed it to Twenty Eleven but no effect.

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    It took me a minute to understand this…

    Every site is separate. What you activate per site is only for that site. If you want to change a subdomain, you edit the subdomain. Not the main domain.

    That means there is no way to edit the main domain in one dashboard like the plugin ManageWP since the only way to add the domain is to create a subdomain for it. Is this correct or there is other way to do it? If not, do you know any other WP Network free plugin like manageWP that one can use to archive this goal?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    That’s correct. Multisite is nothing like ManageWP 🙂 Each site is a separate being (like sites on

    The only things I know that can do what ManageWP does are for-pay.

    Ok. Thank you once more!

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