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  • I need to set some blogs up (details below) and I am currently considering several options, including WordPress. Given the scattering of information through the documentation wiki and plug-ins docs, as well as vague information about plug-ins, searching doesn’t seem to bring up any clear answer.

    The server setup is somewhat typical: many domains residing as virtual hosts on a single LAMP server. Blogs would be needed for some of those domains, let’s call them “”, “”, all the way to 14 or 15 domains (and planning to add a few more soon).

    The requirements I aim to fulfill are these:

    • Single installation: dealing with 14+ separate installations would be just too much.
    • Each blog should have a url in the form There is content within each domain that will remain there (ie: the blogs are an addition, not a replacement, to what’s on the sites).
    • It would be preferable, but not essential, to have a single users table throughout the blogs.
    • The blogs should use “beautified” URLs (a.k.a. permalinks). Using blog/.htaccess is ok, but using the file at the domain’s root is not an option (it’s already under heavy use and automatically updated by some scripts).
    • I have full root access on the server that hosts these domains; and I am familiar (although not a guru) on most configuration aspects (in fact, I took care of installing the system and setting most things up from scratch).

    I have two questions:
    Can this be achieved with a minimal (no plugins) installation?
    If not, what would be the minimum set of plugins required?

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  • This can all be achieved with WordPress Multisite, but you’ll need a plugin for mapping the domains to their respective blogs, such as WordPress MU Domain Mapping.

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