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  • bharatstop


    I run my personal wordpress website, its standalone and works fine.

    Now I bought 2 more domains, but i want to use the same content from my old wordpress.

    basically, If i update in one place all other domains should get the posts.

    In searching of this requirement. i came across you plugin.

    will it solve my problem. if yes , where to start.


    1. I have domain names in one provider
    2. hosting account with another provider.

    so I created *, * in first provider pointing with IP address of hosting provider.

    even in hosting provider also, i need to add the domains, so added them.

    now what should i do, do i need install your plugin with Network sites enabled, or just in normal wordpress.

    Basically, where to start and finish… can redirect me any link, which describes the details please…

    really appreciate you help.

    thank you

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  • Plugin Author shelkie



    Sounds like you have your domains configured correctly. Before you enable the plugin, when you visit you should see the same site as your original domain.

    The purpose of this plugin is to allow you to then assign a different theme and select which of your posts you want to appear on each individual domain.

    Sorry I currently don’t have more detailed instructions. Have a look at the screenshots as that might give you a better idea of the options.


    Thanks for the reply.

    when you visit you should see the same site as your original domain.
    ?. You mean, and, should featch the saome content from same database. How should i achieve that?

    Can you please add more details.

    Plugin Author shelkie



    Yes, the plugin lets you use one WP installation and database for multiple sites/domains. You use categories to specify which of your posts should appear on each site/domain.

    Configure your hosting so that your additional domain(s) are aliased to the primary domain (where you originally installed WordPress). This is usually an option in your hosting control panel.

    So, before you enable the plugin, and should fetch the same content. Then enable the plugin and use it to configure which category(s) to show/hide on each domain.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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