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  • Hi-
    I have (so far) 3 domain names under my wordpress account. i have a few questions

    1. When i get a new theme/skin for each different blog/domain, how do i get that theme to show up for that domain? My host is GoDaddy and i already have a theme for one of my blogs setup. If i want to purchase a new theme or use the same theme for the other blogs, how would i do that?

    2. When i purchase something like “no ads” through wordpress, do i have to purchase it for EACH DOMAIN or does one purchase cover the entire WordPress acount?

    Thank you!
    Thank you.

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    This sounds like a wordpress.COM question. This forum is for people who install WP on their own servers.

    Hi –
    own servers meaning GODADDY? thats where i install on my own hosting account.

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    Yes, but no.

    Own server meaning you installed WordPress on the server yourself (or via an install script). It does not mean you pointed your domain at There’s no ‘no ads’ version or anything to pay for on and you don’t pay for themes. That’s only at

    im so confused! hehe

    ok, i kinda see what you are saying… my domains are pinted to as there is no extension after my domains. just the domain name. as far as paying for themes, i paid for the thesis theme because of the SEO abilities….but doesnt make you pay for the ad free and stuff like that?

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    Go read this:

    Read past the pros and cons. Read the whole thing.

    Now, if at the end of that you say ‘I did install wordpress’s code onto my server, and it generated an admin account and emailed me the password.’ then you’re in the right place.

    If, instead, you went to and made an account, and pointed your domain to that site, you’re in the wrong place.

    Take your time. Read carefully like you’re being tested on it, and think about things completely.

    I just did read that and thank you for your help. i am almost awakening now, but still have more questions.

    1. i did install a theme, says i cant do that…
    2. i have installed many plugins, says i cant do that.

    BUT, i do go to to see my dashboard and i did pay to point my domain…WTF?
    so how do i get on then? (where i thought i was)

    again thank you for your patience and help…ill get this somehow. i am a little slow with this.

    ok… i got it… thanks!

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