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[Resolved] Multiple Domains, Single IP, Single Server

  • cornfeed


    I have searched and searched. I have two domains directed at a single gentoo VPS instance. I have two wordpress installs in two folders…


    the first is a business production site, and the second is to play around on and see if wordpress can do some more extreme things; test stuff out before it goes live.

    I am using lighttpd and my rules are as follows:

    $HTTP[“host”] =~ “(^|\.)example1.com” {
    server.document-root = “~/example1.com/htdocs”
    $HTTP[“host”] == “mail.example1.com” {
    server.document-root = “~/mail.example1.com/htdocs”
    $HTTP[“host”] == “admin.example1.com” {
    server.document-root = “~/admin.example1.com/htdocs”
    $HTTP[“host”] =~ “(^|\.)example2\.com$” {
    server.document-root = “~/example2.com/htdocs/”

    When I set a static file in each root (i.e. helloworld.html), it goes to the right root. but for some reason when i visit example1.com or example2.com I am directed to example1.com.

    lighttpd says it is changing the address after fcgi is called, so i think it is index.php calling something that directs it to the first install. any ideas?

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