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  • Hi,

    So, you basically want to see stats for different domains within same dashboard, right?

    If so, enable the switch view functionality. For details see the documentation page.


    No its different sites and different dashboards. For some reason, when I did it works, now I want to install in on a new domian and i go throught the setup process it keeps showing information on These are two different sites and each needs to show that sites analytics.

    so in other words when i log into site one I oly want to view site ones information, and when I log into site two I only want to see site twos information

    Okay, in that case keep the option disabled and make sure you’re selecting the right View for each site under General Settings screen.

    Also note that each site would need to use a different Property (if they are totally unrelated and there’s no need for their analytics data to be merged in any way). You can manage the properties and views from your Google Analytics account.

    Good day

    Sorry for the late response. Got it working, thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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