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  • I have one parked domain and one default domain ( which is my WordPress blog. I want to switch my parked domain to be the DEFAULT one… but I’d like to trap URL’s to my blog to still go to my blog. I would keep my blog at it’s own domain (which should work as long as WordPress keeps using the newly “parked” domain). This would also be great because it wouldn’t break my outgoing feeds.

    Any ideas? Code examples?

    Oh yeah… the new default domain would just be a splash-type screen for all intents and purposed (with a link to my blog).

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  • Nevermind… I figured this out on my own.

    If you go to it will take you to a different place than but they are actually both the exact same site, just finessed based on the URL used.

    I’m assuming since noone originally replied that there’s no interest, but if someone new sees this and wants to know the code I used just holler.

    Hi WarAxe, I’d be interested in a quick how-to as I need to do something very similar

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