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  • Hello guys, I am new here and a newbie at WP.

    Using woocommerce with the FitMeal WP theme.
    I am creating a mealkit delivery type of service, without subscriptions.

    My main issue at this point is setting up multiple deliveries on different dates. For example you want 3 or 4 products delivered, but 1 needs to come on Monday, 2 needs to come Wednesday, 3 and 4 need to come on Friday.

    The optimal way for me is to create the least possible friction at the early stages (product selection). In my head the ultimate end result would be.

    Add as many products as you want > Remove the cart step >
    Create a multistep checkout including >
    Step 1. Login / register / continue as guest
    Step 2. Add Your details + Delivery location etc.
    Step 3 Select delivery time and date for each product + below that “Your order section with coupon option” >
    Step 4 OPTIONAL, because i can include this elsewhere > suggest extra products such as great wine that will go well with your selected meal) >
    Step 5 Payment options

    I don’t know if all this is possible, but if it is that would be great. If it isn’t I am open to workaround techniques. Any free or paid plugins that might achieve that?

    Thanks in advance.

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