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    Im about to develop a site shall list courses,
    where each course will have multiple dates. I have set up a custom post type
    called 'Course' which will hold Title, description, categories and hopefully dates.

    The problem is that I don't know to apply more than one date to a single course.
    To demonstrate the structure that i'm after, here is an example of a course:

    Title: Mastering photoshop
    Content: This is some text about the course!
    Category: Computers->Photoshop, Photo

      Date 1: [13-15 apr + 17-19 apr]
      Date 2: [3-6 oct + 8-11 oct]
      Date 3: [7 nov + 9-10 nov + 13 nov]

    As you can see, each course can have multiple dates,
    where each date can have more than one instance,
    where each instance can mean more than one day.

    A "customer" have to select one of these three dates.

    There are no demands of any booking functionality at this moment,
    but you should be able to set a date to the status 'FULL'.

    All this must be easy to manage even for a non-technical person.

    So, do anyone here know of a plugin that does anything like this,
    or do you know how to solve the problem in any other way?

    Tips, questions and any help are very welcome.
    Thank you!

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