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    I have limited tech knowledge and have got away so far with building my site using theme (graphene) , plugins and tweaking code here and there for simple alterations, thanks to all the fab people contributing to WordPress. It’s a walking site- currently every time I add a walk, I create a new page and manually type in the headings and content.

    Ultimately, it seems ridiculous to manage the walks this way. If I was working offline I’d have had them all in a pretty excel spreadsheet from day 1. If I want to make quick changes to the headers within each walk page, currently it means changing each page manually which is crazy as I add to them and I want to make my site searchable so you could identify a walk by distance, time taken, features etc. and know to do this I’ll need to transfer my current content into database format. I would also like at some point to have users add their own data too.

    Question is, how do I go about creating this sub-database and where? Am guessing it needs to be on my host server but not sure then the technicalitires of limking it to right place in the overall site database. Am I going to have to embark On full php and MySQL training or is there an idiot proof way of doing this I could research
    In a shorter time or a plugin that would help? Like I said, this is all pretty new to me but I like to think I am fairly good at picking things up fast.

    Any suggestions or pointers would be very welcome. Thanks!

    The site is if you’re interested to see what I’m talking about.

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  • There is a fairly steep learning curve, but the Pods CMS Framework plugin will let you create a custom table with custom fields for your walks. It gives you the tools to add/edit/display/query the walks.

    Hi – thanks so much for your suggestion. I think the plugin will do pretty much everything I want although, like you say, going to take a while to figure it all out.

    I have set up a demo pod for my walks, worked out assigning taxonomy etc. with drop down menu on pod to select stuff like walk features by referencing taxonomy lists. I’ve managed to publish it so that a list of the demo walks appears (I’m doing this locally so won’t appear on babyroutes website) – however…I’ve come to a grinding halt as although if you type in the url the list appears fine, the walks page is not listed in the navigation bar – just ‘home’. I’m working with twentyeleven as a demo. Any ideas – must be something really simply I’m missing.

    Or do you know of a good idiots guide to setting up pods? I’ve had a look at the support material on plugin homepage which has got me this far…feeling frustrated at not being able to get the page published!

    Looks a fab plugin though so thanks for recommend.

    Ok – solved the above issue thanks to guys and girls at Pods support. Now onto the general hard slog of learning how to get it working how I need it…

    If anyone still has an idiots guide to using pods though it would still be welcomed! Thanks.

    AFAIK, there is no guide to using Pods other than the material on the Pods site.

    We’ve commissioned a third party to help facilitate better intro docs and an easy to read guide / tutorial on Pods. Hoping to have something to show soon, but it’s something that’s the top priority for us to get out.

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