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  • Here is my scenario:

    I have a blog,, and on this blog I have a list page,

    One of the lists is for the categories, that works fine.

    The other two, I would like to have one page that lists ALL posts chronologically and another page that lists all posts alphabetically. Is this possible with WordPress or any plugins? I have figured out how to make the templates, but I have no way of linking to them.

    Just putting in alpha.php does not work. I also just tried making a new page and using alpha.php as the page template, but of course that doesn’t work because it’s taking from the pages content, not the blogs.

    The best I can figure is that I need to use multiple templates, which I have done, but I don’t know how to get wordpress to use them, or how I would link to them.

    Something like category/all/ would work too, but that doesn’t work.


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  • samboll, thanks for the effort but I’m not sure how any of those will help me at all.

    Maybe I am not being clear enough.

    I already have the templates made for the pages I want. Everything is all set up. If I replace my alpha.php file for my index.php file for instance, everything will display as I want it to.

    The problem is that I have multiple templates:
    home.php – for the home page
    list.php – for the list page
    index.php – for all single posts
    category.php – for all the category pages
    alpha.php – (same as index.php but sorted alphabetically)

    My problem is that I have no idea how to link to them.

    For the chronological list, normally you could just do your home page, but since I have a custom home.php template, the home page displays. So how can I link to a page that uses index.php as its template and displays ALL posts?

    For the alphabetical page, I need the same thing: show all posts using alpha.php template.

    So is this pretty much impossible with WordPress then?

    I think in Write Page, you would go down to Custom Fields, then select from dropdown menu which template you wanted to use (alpha for the alphabetically ordered, xxx for chrono… etc.)

    My guess. I’m doing something like that right now as well.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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