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    I am trying to get familiar with the custom types and custom taxonomies.

    My problem is that i can't find a way to access the base URL of the custom taxonomy.

    I have a custom post type - "resource center" with two custom taxonomies - Library and Files.

    I can access all the subfolders of the Library and the Files taxonomies - like

    but i can't access the


    I've searched through forums, and there were some solutions with rewriting and redirecting and adding new templates, but they were much more complicated than i thought they should be. Am i missing something basic ?

    In addition i was hoping to have a way to add this url to the Appearence->menu menu builder through like all the posts, pages, categories etc. I actually did it using a "custom link" but it seems like a hack :)

    Please keep the solutions as simple as possible, i guess that if they are too complicated, i'll just use some URL with GET parameters pointing to my custom post type archive template and check them there.

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