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  • Leesa W


    I have three places that I want a list of a set of particular pages to show up.

    1) Footer widget
    2) Widget that appears on specific pages (via one sidebar) and
    3) Widget that appears on all other pages (via another sidebar).

    1 and 3 are both to be titled “What We Do” and 2 titled “What Else We Do” as something extra appears above it on those pages.

    But whenever I change the title of the Custom Menu widget, it changes all three on the site (not in the dashboard though). I’ve even created the same menu three times, one for each widget, so menus called “Footer Widget”, “Sidebar 1” and “Sidebar 2” so even though they all have the same pages in them, WP should treat them as separate menus. Then in the Custom Menu widget settings for each sidebar I select the relevant menu, so all three are technically different. But they all insist on having the same title, and I can’t work out why. If I change one to “What else we do” they all change.

    Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong? Or is it just not possible to use the custom menu widget three times?

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