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  • I’d like to create a page that pulls specific categories into it like the page as illustrated here:

    I looked at the above page for a sample template for multiple custom categories. I’m wondering if there is a specific loop I should use to pull the results of a specific ‘category’ that is listed in another category? For example, I have three main categories on my website that I’d like to be used to pull information for users.

    Services (Parent of: Hairdresser, Beautician etc)

    Location (Parent of: Australia, New Zealand etc – several Countries)

    Region (Parent of: Victoria, ACT etc – All Regions)

    What I want the script to do:

    I want a page to display ALL ‘Hairdresser’s in ‘Victoria’ ‘Australia’ is there a specific loop I use to only pull ‘Hairdressers’ from those categories? If someone could post me a sample template I’d be grateful.

    I’d like to make a generic page template with code that I can just adjust the categories in to suit my needs of any THREE categories of my choosing when I wish to make certain pages.

    Many thanks for help in advance.

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  • PS: If there is a simpler way to do this without creating page templates that advice would be just as welcome. I’ve tried various taxonomy plugins with multiple drop downs but just cannot seem to get them to work or bring up results and the one I did find had virtually no support or manual provided as to how it should be used. Gave up after a day, but if anyone knows of a good plugin that works with oodles of support and manual in how to configure it that would be just as sweet.

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