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  • I notice if you have the continue to website button, it will take you to the home page.. but is it possible with a little modification to insert more than one continue to site buttons, and have them link wherever you want?

    My idea would be to give the ability to users to click into which section of the site they wanted to visit immediately

    thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction!


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  • What you seem to be referring to are bookmarks.

    To create this, use the instructions below.
    Edit these texts in the TEXT-tab of the WP-edit-screen!!
    == == ==

    HTML Links – The id AttributeThe id attribute can be used to create a bookmark inside an HTML document.
    Tip: Bookmarks are not displayed in any special way. They are invisible to the reader.
    ExampleAn anchor with an id inside an HTML document:

    <a>Useful Tips Section</a>

    Create a link to the “Useful Tips Section” inside the same document:

    <a href="#tips">Visit the Useful Tips Section</a>

    Or, create a link to the “Useful Tips Section” from another page:

    <a href="">
    Visit the Useful Tips Section</a>

    Basic Notes – Useful TipsNote: Always add a trailing slash to subfolder references. If you link like this: href=”;, you will generate two requests to the server, the server will first add a slash to the address, and then create a new request like this: href=”;.

    Thank you for your reply, but this is not quite what I am looking for.

    take a look at the screenshot on the plugin page

    Notice how it is the initial splash page the user must see before it can continue to the site? depending on which of the three buttons you can click, it will take your to that part of the site.


    Continue as Teen > links to a pages for teens
    Continue as Adult > links to page for adults
    Continue as Developer > link somewhere else

    see what I mean?

    Maybe just create a new page template and assign it to home?

    There are several ways.
    If you only need a landing page with three links, without the age screening etc. then any static page will do.
    [code available if you like]

    1. Just create a page
    2. put any number of buttons on or e.g. use images that are clickable
    3. link this buttons / images to the correct pages of your site

    If you do need the extras the plugin gives,
    You'l need to create a new template, based on the wp-splash page.

    1. FTP: go to the folder:.../wp-content/plugins/wp-splash-page/templates
    2. create a new folder e.g. 'three_options'
    3. Copy all files from the /subdomains/kruipruimte/httpdocs/experiment/wp-content/plugins/wp-splash-page/templates/default-folder to the new template folder
    4. Now edit the spash-page.php file in the new folder to suit your needs [complicated]
    5. Change the look and feel by changing the style.css and 'header.php`and 'footer.php'to suit your needs [fairly simple]
    6. test the results
    7. tinker until content

    You could mix option 1 and 2 and any other alternative.

    yeah i’d like the code please!
    or even better a small example template that re-directs 2 2 diff pages.

    or even better betererer: build it in to the plugin 🙂

    its such a nice small footprint plugin all i need it to do more is that
    hate to have to go to those bloated a/b comparison plugins

    Just create a page
    put any number of buttons on or e.g. use images that are clickable
    link this buttons / images to the correct pages of your site

    We know how to build a static page….but, how do we get your plugin to use the static page?

    hi, sorry to bother,but this is exactly my problem.
    i did try to edit wp splash page plugin, but i guess i’m too noob for that.
    anyway i actually have to make a static page with 2 clickable images, my very first showing splash page, before the site appears(need to link images to 2 different sites of the same company).
    any help?

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