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  • Hi:

    I’ve been using Multiple Content Blocks plugin which has been really nice. It’s very simple to use and it makes it easier for clients because they can get at most of a pages content through one page screen, instead of having to create a bunch of text widgets.

    My problem is that I’ve just realized the content that appears in the extra content windows doesn’t get saved with WordPress revisions. The revisions only reflect what appears in the first window, the default WP window.

    Anyone know any way to make the additional windows’ content savable too?

    (For those unfamiliar with this plugin, here’s what t does. Normally when you go to a static page in the admin you have one window with the TinyMCE editor to work on content. Multiple Content Blocks let’s you create additional windows so that you don’t have to have div codes or shortcodes in the editable content. So say you have a multi-column layout for a static page, and it contains different content, NOT widgets. The columns may also have different styles for backgrounds or dividers, etc. This plugin allows you to separate and isolate the content areas so that the first chunk is editable in the traditional WP TinyMCE window, the second chunk is in a window lower down, the third chunk is in a window below the second chunk, etc. All the code that is used to close one div and open the next is in the template, but doesn’t show in the windows. Make sense?)

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