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Multiple Content Blocks Not Showing Up In New Posts

  • Ever since my client updated WordPress to 3.5.1, I’ve had multiple issues with the Multiple Content Blocks Plugin.

    Issue #1
    When I create a new post, the Multiple Content Blocks don’t show up. They did in the past, and old posts still have the fields.

    Issue #2
    Old posts have content that is disappearing and missing.

    Issue #3
    Old posts content blocks are in random order. The content blocks used to be in a consistent order, but now each old post I visit, the content blocks are all out of order and different for almost every post.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author Trendwerk


    Issue #1
    That’s true. The old way of doing things wouldn’t work for future versions and was not very compatible with people’s preferences.

    The new way will work in all those cases. But it still has to know somehow what pages want extra content blocks. That’s done by visiting the page in the front-end and just checking which blocks are called. In the back-end a HTTP request is made to that specific page.

    It does pose some new problems like issue #1. I will be working on it as soon as I have the time.

    Issue #2
    That shouldn’t be happening, all old posts’ content should’ve been migrated to the new version. Could you try visiting the database (table: wp_options) and deleting the ‘mcb-3.0-migration’ option?

    Issue #3
    I honestly don’t know. They’re pretty structured when I try it. They’re in the order they get parsed in, so the same order as your code gets executed.

    Hope this helps.

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