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  • I’m using MCB 3.0.5 and WordPress 3.5.2. After updating MCB to latest version, I’m having some issue with the plugin. When I enter content into the MCB edit box and save the page, the content does not display on the page. The strange thing is that when I return to edit the page MCB edit box and content is no longer there.

    Anyone facing the same problem?

    Is there anyway I can fix this issue?


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  • Plugin Author Trendwerk


    Do you see the right blocks on the edit page? Immediately after saving, is the content still available in the edit box?

    Did not hear this issue before, but maybe it’s related to some other issues we’re having.

    Yes, the right blocks are there on the edit page and it’s not updating the content. I’m using 8 Multiple Content Blocks and it is showing only 1out of 8 MCB’s at a time on the edit page mode.

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    So the right blocks are not there? I’m a little confused.

    Can you try this:

    1. Comment line 101 and 102 of assets/inc/class.MCB.php
    2. Visit the page in the front-end
    3. Try saving them again


    I am having something similar. The blocks are all there and visible when editing the page. However, on rare occasions (has happened twice with me and once with the client – so its not a PC specific issue) when you save the page the content in the blocks simply disappears. So when after you hit update the block areas are still there – but empty.

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    I’ve heard of this happening, did this happen to you?

    1. Someone goes to the edit page, all blocks are there
    2. Edits something and saves. After saving the blocks are not ALL there (some are missing), but this person doesn’t notice. Edits something again and saves
    3. Content from the other blocks are gone, because nothing was submitted and the blocks got overwritten

    And did you try the above solution? (Commenting line 101 and 102)

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    Can you try installing version 3.1 and selecting the option “Disable HTTP Requests” in the new settings page?

    You can manually refresh you blocks after that by visiting the front-end.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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