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[Resolved] Multiple content block dissapeared after update

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  • Plugin Author Trendwerk


    Did 3.0 work for you? Do you get the error message that wp_remote_get doesn’t work?

    Could you try visiting the page in the front-end and checking if you have a content block now? And what is the field called? (What name?)

    I’m experiencing a similar issue.

    I have a new WP install and the blocks will show in the editor. However if I put content in and update the page, the block vanishes from the editor and no content appears on the site. I logout and then return. The blocks appear, but with not content.

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    That sounds quite strange. You’re not using any other plugins? And what version of the plugin are you using?

    For most bugs I recognize somewhere where it must go wrong, but in this case I can only guess. Are you sure theres not some kind of external code that could be interfering?

    I’m using Version 3.0.1 of your plugin and WP 3.5. After I updated the plugin, I started getting this where the blocks should be.

    “Your server doesn’t allow remote HTTP requests using wp_remote_get. You will have to visit this page manually to update which blocks are used on each page.”

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    That means wp_remote_get doesn’t return a HTTP 200 value, which in turn means your server probably doesn’t support HTTP requests. You should try visiting the page in the front-end and then checking if there are any editable blocks. Does that work?

    Unfortunately no. Should I be contacting the host who I wish the client didn’t use?

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    I know how you feel.

    If it still doesn’t work there must be something else wrong as well. Can you try commenting line 69 on assets/inc/functions.template-tags.php?

    Your problem sounds very similar to this one:

    That was it. Thanks for you’re help and being smarter than me.

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    No problem, I hope we can figure out the problem and fix it soon!

    We have this problem also and commenting line include(‘assets/inc/functions.template-tags.php’); doesn’t solve the problem. What we can try next ?

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    You should not comment the ‘include’ line, but line 69 on that specific file. Then visit the page in the front-end and an editor should appear in the admin edit panel (on that page).

    Hope it works out for you!

    I made this and now i can edit these block, but first i must save new article. When i choose add new article so I have error message(Your server doesn’t allow remote HTTP requests using wp_remote_get. You will have to visit this page manually to update which blocks are used on each page.) below Multiple content block. Is this server or code problem?

    Plugin Author Trendwerk


    This is both a server and a code problem. We can’t actually know if any blocks are used until you save the page or post. However, it shouldn’t display that message if there are no server problems.

    I don’t see this is a server problem – before a post is published, trying to open that post is going to give you a response of 404 rather than 200, no matter what you do.

    The only workaround as it stands is to publish a post before you can use multiple content blocks on that page. This should be fine for pages, where in most cases they won’t appear in a site’s navigation until you add them to menus (unless those menus automatically add top-level pages), but it’s a problem for any custom post types or even normal posts which populate lists the minute they’re published. Add in RSS and so on and you’ve got real problems where you have to publish unfinished content and broadcast it before it’s done.

    To fix this, I can see a couple of possible options:
    1. Write in a fallback function which uses file_get_contents, fopen() or similar to read the template files to check for occurrences of the the_block or get_the_block functions. Grab the name and create the custom post meta. HOWEVER this relies on knowing the file name of the template you’re supposed to be reading – you can go through the usual page, single, post etc but it’s more than likely you’ll miss some.
    2. Add an admin menu where you name your extra blocks up front as well as in your template files.

    The other option is to put the custom post meta in your theme files and add content blocks yourself rather than using this plugin.

    I may have missed something, however, and I’m happy to be corrected!

    HELP (again)!!!! All of my content disappeared from the content blocks when I updated wp!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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