• darrenchu


    I’m an existing premium subscriber to S2Member. Thanks again for a fantastic product!

    Just wondering, are there any plans to introduce the ability for a site visitor to take on multiple concurrent memberships? I currently have 4 memberships which I call Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, but am thinking of changing my pricing model where I’d ideally like to offer site visitors the ability to mix and match from a range of options. For instance, if I had 5 packages corresponding to the 5 weekdays, I’d like for site visitors to be able to for instance, choose the Monday and Tuesday package, or the Wed, Thurs and Fri. Depending on how many weekdays they opt in for, they’d get a different price per weekday, so that by opting in for more weekdays, they’d get a price break per weekday.

    If this isn’t on the drawing board, my workaround would be to price each of the weekdays the same, and to not offer any price break by opting in to multiple weekdays.

    Ideally though, it’d be great if the site visitor could simply choose from checkboxes different weekdays at the point of purchase, so that the visitor doesn’t have to go through the payment process for each weekday separately.

    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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