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  • Hello.

    I just have a quick question. We have a school website with 2 accounts for updating/editing content, (admin and staff).

    Are there any known issues with multiple people using the same account details to update/edit at the same time?
    Staff will not be editing the same page at the same time.

    Many thanks.

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  • Hi @wmcmurran091

    Curious to know why you’d only want one login to cover all staff – I can see several problems with that and numerous benefits to giving everyone their own login.

    You *could* have a problem with more than one person logging in with the same login credentials from different computers. WordPress now uses a content locking mechanism to keep two *different* users from accessing and modifying the same Page/Post, but it may not be able to recognize and lock content if two people use the same login – I know you say they won’t be editing the same page at the same time, but it’s a risk that exits.

    There are other issues, but I’m wondering why you want to limit user logins?

    Hi @trishm

    Many thanks for your reply. To give you a brief background, we updated our website from Frontpage to WordPress, and used a 3rd Party to create it for us. Whenever they handed over control, they gave us the 2 accounts and said that we would have no issues.
    Heads of Dept will only ever be updating their own subject page, so you wouldn’t have the like of a P.E teacher editing a Physics page at the same time as a Physics teacher… or at least I would like to think not! lol
    My initial query has come about as a “possible” problem we had earlier in the week.
    We held staff training for guidance on how to update the website. A number of the staff had a problem in that the “Editor Toolbox” didn’t appear for them. I’m not sure if that’s the correct name for it, but it’s the box of options like Bold, Italics, Alignment, Links, etc. that normally sits on top of the content box.

    I’m not sure whether having multiple people using the same login details would be to blame for this, or I should be looking at some other possible solution.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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