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    Afternoon, I seem to be at a loss to how to achieve what should be a really basic function. This being able to have one line of text with each word a different colour using the block editor.

    Yes I can view the HTML and manually add a span tag and the colour code I need or use a classic block but here-in is the issue.

    A standard user who just wants to write their blog probably won’t know anything about HTML or CSS; and I’m absolutely sure using hexadecimal colour codes will be a head scratcher!

    See where this is going? Gutenberg isn’t a new thing anymore but such basic functionality is still missing.

    Why is it still impossible to just select a word then choose a colour without jumping through hoops?

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  • If you are using a Paragraph block, click the down arrow on the format bar and select the Highlight option. That should then let you select the color of the currently selected text.

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    Hi Mark, thank you for your reply.

    Now don’t I feel stupid! It would seem that I didn’t get the memo that the new word for colour is now ‘highlight’.. I guess it’s probably because I’m a late adopter of Gutenberg and so used to the classic editor that this escaped me.

    Additionally, the ‘highlight’ button in Microsoft Word does just that, it highlights.

    Anyway, thank you for your support.

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