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  • H E L P !!!!!

    I am a complete Newbie at website building and HTML code, so please, any answers need to be as simple as possible.

    I am using WORDPRESS, which up until now has been fabulous. Most of what I have wanted has been available ‘off the shelf’ so to speak.

    The issue I am struggling with now is as follows;

    To offer visitors to the website a menu of multiple choice.

    Having selected what they want, and clicked on ‘FIND’
    a new page would open and list all the wines that match
    thier choice.
    Or, if really slick, 10 per page with “<click here> to see
    more wines” at the bottom of each page until all wines matching
    thier selection had been shown rather than one huge long list.

    The multiple menu should contain;
    Option # of choices
    PRICE 7
    STYLE 13
    GRAPE 195
    VINTAGE 18

    The problemn I face, with my VERY VERY limited knowledge (I only started looking at HTML 3 weeks ago) is how to cater for such a huge
    amount of possible differant choices.

    7 x 61 x 13 x 195 x 18 = Over 19 million

    I thought originally;

    I could create a CATEGORY for each possible choice a visitor could make
    and a POST for each individual wine with the appropriate Category ticked.

    But that idea is obvious out of the question.

    I layman’s terms, what I think I need is some form of relational database holding the wines that is then interagated and sorted by the choices (values) held from the multiple menu.

    I’m not even sure such a thing is possible.

    This there anyone out there with the time and patience to help me with this? Any help would be gratefully recieved and welcome.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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