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  • As a newcomer, I beg your indulgence if the following questions appear to be naff.

    In attempting to replicate an existing flat site (, I hope to be able to style five different categories in five different versions of my main theme (six ‘themes’ altogether).

    I had assumed I would use child themes for this, but I cannot find a definitive statement anywhere that says I can use multiple child themes as well as the parent theme in a single WP site. Is this possible?

    If not child themes, the documentation on category template hierarchy does not include an explicit explanation of how to vary the loop and theme for each category. In other words, each category should have its own ‘home’ page with a loop of excerpts from only pages of that category, and also present pages in category x with the category x theme wrapped around it, no matter whether it is being called from its own category index loop, or the main blog index loop.

    Is there documentation I have not yet found inside or outside the codex which explains how this might be done?

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  • In short, there are 2 things you need to do.

    1. – there are special classes added to your parent container depending on what category or page you are on. So check that out in inspector or firebug and you will see what I mean. To style the pages differently, you can use one of those classes. Like – .category-something page { your page specific styles in here. }

    2. – for different php/html, you’ll have to have a bunch of “if” statements. So, if is category blog { do this } else if is category other { do this } else { do this }

    I know that isn’t going to be a ton of help, but it should get you searching the right things. Your page will end up being 5 pages in one sort of. Child themes are not what you need to be thinking about.

    Good luck!

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