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    Got it setup and working posting single fields into salesforce. first name, last name, email, phone and even message into description.

    As soon as I try adding a second CF7 field into the form submission field, so it inputs 2 values into the one salesforce field, it breaks.

    What’s the syntax? I’ve looked through all the support docs, the entire forum. I can see the separator for the 3rd party side, but how to I add multiple CF7 fields entered in the one salesforce field


    All with no luck.

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  • For instance, two of my fields are names are ‘your-message’ and ‘phone-996’ if I put them on there own seperate lines into there own salesforce fields, it works very well. But if I try put both of them into the same 3rd part field, no good.

    I’ve now tried with the > being the 3rd party field
    your-message phone-996 > description
    your-message, phone-996 > description
    your-message,phone-996 > description
    your-messagephone-996 > description
    your-message and phone-996 > description
    ‘your-message’ and ‘phone-996’ > description
    your-message/phone-996 > description
    your-message phone-996 > description

    Then I tried putting it on seperate lines and I done even get the debug email anymore:
    your-message > description
    phone-996 > description

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    Ok, seems like you enter them each on new lines to the same field! Got it. That took me hours to figure out. Should quickly pop it in the support docs.

    Dont see to be getting the debugging emails anymore, or the contact form submission emails.

    Plugin Author zaus


    It is in the FAQ section of the plugin page:

    I need to submit multiple values as…

    By default, if more than one value appears in the post request for the same field/key, they will be joined by the ‘separator’ value like &post-values=a,b,c.

    Not sure why you’re not seeing emails any more, but that sounds like something broke. You’ll either have to try turning off plugins one by one (if it’s a conflict), or if you can enable WP_DEBUG it should tell you the error in the log file. Or it could just be that it’s taking some time for the email to show up from your provider.

    Yeh, I read that as I have to put the values in the same field. I.e, the same line like the examples above.


    Plugin Author zaus


    Ah, I understand. I’ll clarify that in the next update.

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