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[Resolved] Multiple Category Voting

  • Sorry to post twice in a row…

    I’m looking for a voting solution that supports voting in multiple categories. For example, I want users to be able to rate images on Sharpness, Exposure, Composition, and Impact, each on a 1-5 star scale. This would then be tallied into one total as a summary, but clicking on the voting would break it down by category again.

    Is this something that can be added on or is offered in your premium version?



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  • Plugin Author shauno


    Hi tibungla
    That is a great idea. It isn’t offered in premium, but I would love to add something like that.
    Do you have any ideas on how you as the administrator would choose the options the user is going to vote on? What would the interface look and work like, keeping in mind how it currently is?

    Here’s a mockup of what I’m trying to achieve for my specific application: http://tibungla.com/downloads/sample2.jpg.

    I would see a voting “Category” page that would allow you to build a collection of categories. You could have multiple collections containing different criteria. “Collections” would then be applied on a Gallery level with a check box or drop down or something.

    For my specific application I’m hoping for two more things:
    1. I would like to be able to export voting data to a spreadsheet
    2. I would like to tie votes in with comments, so that a user can place their vote and a comment together that appears below the image as seen in the screenshot. The vote would be tallied above, but if a user commented, you’d be able to see their vote as well.

    Does that help at all?

    Plugin Author shauno


    Thanks for the detailed feedback. I’m getting an idea of how I would want to go about adding it.
    A few people have requested comments with votes. The problem is most of the voting types are <a> links, that submit the vote once clicked. I would need to most likely rewrite the entire ‘engine’ of the voting system to change it to allow the system to wait for a comment before submitting the vote. That has a massive impact on the existing users, so I’m not sure how to handle that right now.

    I really like the suggestion to allow voting on more that 1 criteria per image. I will start to have a look at it, but obviously this time of year is tough to get new code out with all the other commitments.

    Let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions 🙂

    I think the comments with votes would be a great thing that lots of people would use. Sounds like a huge task though…

    I would donate $50 USD towards the development of multi-criteria voting. Any chance it could be done by the end of the year?

    Plugin Author shauno


    Thank you for the offer tibungla. I unfortunately can’t be sure I have the time for that over the next couple weeks, and I don’t want to commit to something I am not sure I can deliver.
    That being said, I will see how my day job goes next week, and I will start playing around with it and see where I get. I will keep you updated on the progress.

    No worries… I really appreciate the plugin and the potential development. I look forward to hearing how things go.

    Merry Christmas!

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi again tibungla
    I have been working on multiple category voting for images. Would you be interested in beta testing it?


    Plugin Author shauno


    Awesome. Send me a mail to shaunalberts AT gmail DOT com, and I will send you everything you need 🙂

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi again tibungla
    I have officially released the update to NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium that adds this feature (amongst many others). Thank you for beta testing.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions or comments 🙂

    Hi 🙂 !

    I would like something similar but not for NextGEN Gallery, but for a custom post type. I mean on a particular Custom Post Type, I want users to be able to vote on multiple criteria.

    Do you know something similar ?

    Thank you very much !

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi cedric.charles

    Sorry, I don’t know of any plugins that do multiple category voting for CPTs.

    Good luck

    Hi shauno,

    Sorry for dropping off the forum here. I really appreciate your work on this! It’s been helpful for us.

    Plugin Author shauno


    No problem, and thank you for the donation! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you guys out with 🙂

    Will do. You were great!

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