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  • Hi FlyCart Team,
    Is it possible to have more than one Category price-rule applied for user-levels?

    The store I’m working on has a price rule on a single category giving each user-type a discount. How do I add a different pricing rule to a second, third or more categories?

    Example ‘Tyres’ are priced 10% above cost price to retailers and 20% above cost to ‘members’, 40% to all unsubscribed customers.
    I want to add ‘Wheels’ with 15%, 25% and 36% user-based rules.

    There are going to be at least ten of these different rules on categories for the three user-levels. There are 1000s of products in each category, and the cost-prices are automatically imported from several different suppliers’ data feeds. This means there’s no scope for adjusting the original price or amending them manually.

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  • Plugin Author flycart



    Apologies for the delayed response due to the weekend.

    Are you looking to show an increase the price per category based on the user roles ? Not discount them ?


    yes that’s correct. The prices are uploaded to the site from the Supplier’s data which contains the cost price they charge for the goods. We then have to add a £ value or a percentage (sometimes both, to get the precise costs across the whole range of different products).

    Plugin Author flycart


    Thank you for the response. Really appreciate it.
    I am so sorry that it is not yet possible with our plugin. Our plugin is a dynamic discount plugin that works based on rules.
    You may want to consider other plugins that helps increasing the prices.


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